Private Open Data
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We are a startup enabling companies to share data while maintaining privacy and control.


Insights from data are shared to maximise their benefits.


Private data stays private to minimise security risks.


Companies and users control their data, ensuring fairness.


Blaise Thomson


Blaise was founder and CEO at VocalIQ, which he sold to Apple in 2015. He then led the Apple Engineering office in Cambridge, UK until leaving in 2019 to start Bitfount.

Naaman Tammuz


Naaman led the product and technology team at DueDil, a successful UK start-up providing B2B data and analytics.

Ali Amin-Nejad

ML Engineer

Ali studied medicine at Cambridge, then worked in banking, switched to do Machine Learning at Imperial and then joined Bitfount.

James Marchant

ML Engineer

James did a PhD in AI at Warwick and then worked on cryptography for the UK Foreign Office and on differential privacy for Samsung.

Merlin Gough

Software Engineer

Merlin studied CS in Birmingham, and then worked at Spherical Defense, a company applying deep learning to security.

Ozan Bozkurt

Consulting Software Engineer

Ozan cofounded So'run, the leading chatbot company in Turkey. He then moved to the UK a week before lockdown and joined Bitfount.


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